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Cricket Games

Cricket games are played with two teams of eleven members each. For each inning in cricket games, one team bats, while the other team bowls. In these innings of cricket games, the batting team has two members on the cricket field. One member bats, while the other is a stand in batsman. In cricket games, the bowling team has eleven members on the field. One is the bowler; another member (the wicket keeper) stands behind the wicket, in case the ball is not hit by the batter. The rest of the team is on the field to catch the ball, in case it was hit by the batsman.

Cricket game mechanics

In cricket games, there are two sets of wickets. Wickets are wooden posts called stumps. In cricket games, these stumps (three per wicket) are attached to each other by two small sticks called bails. Wickets are arranged in pitch, which is a rectangle of flattened grass. In cricket games, pitches are set up in an oval grass field, referred to as the cricket ground.

In cricket games, the bowler tries to aim at the wicket. The batter tries to defend the wicket by hitting the ball. If the batter hits the ball, he or she then runs to the other wicket, where the other batsman is standing. These two batsmen then run between the two pitches to score runs. Should the ball reach the outside of the field, it scores an immediate six runs for the batting team. If the ball bounces out of the field, even if the batter didn't hit it, it scores the batting team four runs.

In cricket games, the bowler tries to out the batsman by hitting the wicket or by hitting the batsman's body if the wicket is blocked directly. Likewise, a fielder can catch the ball hit by the batsman even if it eventually rolls out of the field. Another way to out the batsman is to catch the ball and pitch it back to knock down the wicket or pitch it back to the bowler or wicket keeper. In cricket games, the batsman nearest to that wicket is outed.

Reasons for playing cricket games

Cricket games sound complicated and require a big group to practice. In any case, cricket games are a lot of fun. You can likewise play cricket games online. In several practice online cricket games, you take the role of the batsman. If you progress, you can join the online leagues and play both batting and bowling teams. Although there isn't as much adrenalin in online cricket games, these can be as exciting as real cricket games.